D. N. De Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Welcome to D.N.De Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. a premier institution and the pioneer in Homoeopathic teaching, under the Department of Health & Family Welfare, AYUSH Branch, Govt. of West Bengal.Our institution, D.N.De Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital is a torch-bearer in the field of Homoeopathy since Oct’1927 when it was named as Dunham College of Homoeopathy and subsequently the name was changed in the name of its founder Dr. D. N. De. in the January’ 1951. The College was first opened in two specious room at 135/3, Bowbazar Street,(now Bepin Behari Ganguly Street) Calcutta, taken on rent. The courses being studied there were H.L.M.S. in the morning shift of three years duration and H.M.B. of four years duration in the day and evening shift. As there was no separate dissection hall of the college, it was arranged in every winter at Khardah. Dr. D.N.De used to get assistence from  a team of dedicated teachers rendered their selfless service for the cause of the Homoeopathic students who were also equally co-operative with the inconvenience of the primitive stage of Homoeopathic education under this institution. In 1936 Dr. Sanat Kumar Ghosh an eminent Homoeopath of that time joined with Dr. De and their conjoined effort changed this institution from private to a public one.In the May’1936, the Dunham College of Homoeopathy , shifted from the address of 135/3, Bowbazar Street, (now Bepin Behari Ganguly Street) Calcutta to 63, Upper Circular Road ,(now Acharya Prafulla Chandar Road) Calcutta .On 14th August 1936, Ten beded Indoor Patient Department was inagurated by Mr. A.K.M. Zakaria, the then Mayor of Calcutta Municipality and Rs. 1000/- per year was sanctioned by the Calcutta Municipality for maintenance of those indoor  beds. The Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association ( I. H. M. A. ) was formed with twelve members and registered under the society act xxi of 1860 on 08.9.1937.The generous Dr. D.N. De handed over his Dunham College of Homoeopathy absolutely free from any liability with all its assets and good will to I. H. M. A. on 08.12.1937. Dr. D.N. De continued as the Principal of the College till 1940. In December’ 1949 a Homoeopathic enquiry Committee instituted by the Govt. of India, those who visited this institution and declared it as one of three best colleges in India . Ultimately in the year, January’1951 , the name of the institution was changed to D. N. De Homoeopathic Medical college and Hospital which was done in a special General Meeting under the Chairmanship of Late, Sri. Nirod Chandra Ghosh , a Philanthropic person who extended his help at the time of financial crisis of this institution . In 1957 , after assumption of the charges as Principal Dr. D.N. Chatterjee, a man of vision soon convinced the Government the importance of Research work on Homoeopathy and under his leadership the first grant for the purpose of maintaining 10 [Ten] Research beds in this institution was released by the Central Government on 26th February’ 1957. On 14th September’1964, the Calcutta Municipality had volunteered to endow the institution with 1.¾ bighas of land at 12, Gobinda Khatick Road for raising the status of the institution to a full fledged Homoeopathic Medical College and On 18th April ’ 1965 the foundation stone was laid down through the auspicious hands of Sri. Sailya Kumar Mukherjee, the then Finance Minister of State. At the end of 1965 , the new Hospital building and subsequently College building construction were started at 12, Gobinda Khatick Road . In 1976 it was decided after getting affiliation from Calcutta University as well as from C.C.H. for running Degree course in Homoeopathy , that the premises at 63, A.P.C. Road would be utilized for Diploma course and the premises at 12, G.K. Road would be utilized for Degree course , from that time both Diploma and Degree course were conducted by D.N.De Homoeopathic Medical College in two different premises. On 1st August’ 1994, the Government of West Bengal had been pleased to take over and subsiquent amalgamation was done of both  premises to run Degree course(BHMS) under University of Calcutta. In the year 2006, M.D Homoeopathy course started in two specialty sbjects with the permission from C.C.H and Govt. of India under The West Bengal University of Health Sciences. With a view to conduct research in homoeopathy this institution has provided a laboratory with the formation of research committee . Many teachers of this institute have registered their names as Ph.D scholars at The West Bengal University of Health Sciences. In the year 2018 this institution has signed and MOU with the central council for homoeopathy  for for further upgradation in the field of research oriented studies in homoeopathy .This institution regularly organises P.G seminars with involvement of different renowned homoeopathic physicians including the physician of modern meicines across the globe . Different medical camps and health awareness programs are also organised  regularly to heal the suffering humanity and to establish the higher purposes of human existance.

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